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Ideal cat litter for your cat
Cat lovers want only the best for their pets.A loving owner always knows what his cat wants. But it is worth noting that the choice of filler for the cat - a common process, because you can not ignore the needs of the pet, on the one hand, and the capabilities of the owner, on the other.

In this case, they are forced to listen to each other.Before the cat can use it, he will need to feel satisfied with the size of the tray, its location and most importantly - the filler.

The choice of filler is especially important:
It should be of the right consistency, not stick to fur or paws, and most importantly should absorb moisture and odors. TOP CAT cat fillers are designed to meet all the needs of your cat. You are sure to find the right filler in the TOP CAT range. We carefully monitor every detail of the production process in order to meet the strictest standards of quality and innovation. Environmental protection, conservation of natural resources and development of environmental awareness are principles that are highly valued in TOP CAT. They form the basis of our entire philosophy and mission.
premium cat litter
cat litter
High level of absorption,
very economical and antibacterial
The cat is a very tidy animal and tries to keep himself and his house clean. All TOR SAT fillers are made using only the best materials of the highest quality.
Bentonite filler for cat toilets - the market leader. And not for nothing: the democratic price and naturalness of the composition makes them accessible to all. Bentonite is a natural mineral, a type of clay. It does not contain any chemical additives, gently and effectively binds odors and is suitable for sensitive cats, can be used for kittens. When liquid enters the filler, it absorbs moisture and forms lumps that are easy to remove. This makes it as economical as possible, just remove the lumps and add sleep as needed.
Silica gel belongs to the type of fillers that absorb moisture very quickly. In appearance, these are opaque or translucent crystals with a porous surface, which provides a high absorption capacity.
Environmentally friendly product, does not contain toxic substances, chemically similar to ordinary sand (silicon oxide).
The micropores of the crystals instantly absorb the liquid before the smell. Odor molecules remain bound in crystals. This filler should be changed only once a month, it does not multiply bacteria, and animals do not spread it around the house.
Wooden the filler is made of sawdust pressed from granules of coniferous species of trees - spruce or pine. Thanks to the 100% natural composition, the filler is safe, does not cause allergies in cats and their owners, has antibacterial properties, can be used for kittens. The only drawback is the increased formation of dust and scattering of the product into small pieces during use. After contact with the liquid, the granules turn into sawdust, so this filler must be changed more often than silica gel and mineral
TOFU (soy filler). Innovative, economical and safe breast filler with granules based on crushed soybeans and corn starch. TOP CAT TOFU filler is suitable for all cats. The special formula of granules effectively absorbs moisture and perfectly keeps a smell. When liquid enters, the soybean granules form a dense lump that is easy to remove from the tray and securely locks the odor inside. Natural and safe to swallow, completely biodegradable.
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